We thrive on
changing perceptions!

We are makers of change and through agile software development, we are accelerating visionary maritime companies towards a secure, sustainable and high performing digital ecosystem.

How we do it
How we do it

We build bottom up, keeping the end-user at the center of our design strategy.

Maritime software design and implementation companies typically build their products and services, having their technology resources in the center of their strategies. This approach takes the humans who are going to use this technology, out of the equation. The result is a long lasting practice, where the systems are dictating the business processes and not the other way around.

We thrive on changing the perception of how digital tools should look and function, especially in heavily regulated industries, with significant overhead in their operational and management processes, like Maritime.

About Us


We are highly experienced in information management and backend data handling, with literally hundreds of custom APIs in our portfolio.


The relations with our clients have evolved to partnerships through ongoing sprints of top-notch deliverables, leading to an extraordinary client retention rate.


Our team has tremendous drive and significant combined work-hours index in designing and implementing digital products for the Maritime industry.


Our products and services are utilized by thousands of users across the globe, who experience first hand the quality of our processes and the intuitiveness of our work.

The Vision

We envision an ecosystem of robust Maritime digital products, the usage of which maximizes the industry professionals’ expectations and meets their modern information management needs.

Why Us
Why Us

Are we a good fit?

Intuitiveness tested in Maritime environments

We design bottom up, with the end-users’ hands-on work in mind.

Real-world and tangible ROI

We offer optimal Return on Investment for both the ship owners & their employees, ashore and on board.

Proper digital product design

We follow modern product design & collaboration practices, leading to a clean, B2B-grade result.

API-first designed products

Our products offer secure and robust APIs out of the box and we love interfacing with other services that are essential to your daily work.

Zero maintenance

Why should you pay the price of high-maintenance tech decisions? Zero maintenance means Zero maintenance fees!

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Our Services

We focus in aiding seagoing and ship management personnel to realize their full potential. A lot of under the hood work, make sense to other B2B industries, outside Maritime. Our portfolio consists of a variety of products and services pivoted around our robust process and data management framework.

HSQE SaaS Development

HSQE SaaS Development

  • Crew Management
  • Forms Control
  • Management of Change
  • Cross Platform APIs
  • Reporting Tools
Operational Dashboards

Operational Dashboards

  • Performance Widgets
  • Status Overviews
  • Task Management
  • Data Visualization
  • Events Notifications
App Integration

App Integration

  • Custom Web Services
  • Endpoints Enhancement
  • Multi-Auth Methods
  • Legacy Software Support
  • API-First Design Consulting
Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

  • Product Design
  • Process Optimization
  • Digital Acceleration
  • Performance Management
  • Custom App Development

Our Stack

Sustainable and well-established technologies,
which help us design tools that make sense.

In our tech booming world, the product development paradigm has shifted from "Is this possible to implement?" to "What's the most secure and effective way towards the end-goal?". At Forecode, we cherry-pick robust technologies with the sole purpose of aligning our goals with the products' end-user.


We actively contribute to the mission of our clients. Here is what some of them have to say about our work.