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Forecode is the outcome of a well established decade-long partnership between our two co-Founders. They have managed to build a team, consisting of individuals with diverse backgrounds, each with their own unique skill-set and expertise. We mutually share a passion for coherent product design and a common desire for a better Maritime digital ecosystem. These core values are the building blocks and our principal accelerator towards our common vision.

Meet The Team

We try our best to cultivate a culture where talented, bright and outgoing individuals can thrive. We push each other to be the greatest and happiest versions of ourselves on a daily basis!

Thanassis Pagonis
George Papakitsos
Dionisis Dasios
Konstantinos Kostikas
George Fragkakis
Konstantinos Katsoulis
Nikos Ioakeim
Panagiotis Apostolopoulos

We serve the maritime industry through efficient design methodologies, delivering effective and interoperable digital products, with high ROI.

Our Mission
Our Mission

Our end goal is to engage the B2B user base with their daily work, while raising the digital expectation bar for the management.

We believe in openness and open source technologies are at the core of our products. The end-user is at the center of our design strategy and the principal components of our products are following an API-first approach. This results to optimal user and developer experience.
Our Vision
Our History

Bluebook x Navarino

Flawless Strategy Execution: the key to success!

Prior to the establishment of Forecode and for around a decade, its co-founders were working together on the design and implementation of maritime HSQE digital products. During that time, they chose to lead various digital transformation projects, delivering custom B2B data management solutions for a plethora of industries outside Maritime. This collaboration led to the formation of Bluebook, a digital transformation and operational optimization startup. Around 2019, Bluebook secured Navarino as a customer, marking the beginning of a unique business partnership.

After two years of working together, it became clear that Bluebook and Navarino, share common corporate values and their areas of expertise are complementary. This strong foundation led to the establishment of vital technical and business synergies, propelling the collaboration, from a typical vendor-client relationship, into a fully-fledged partnership deal. In 2022 Forecode S.A. was formed, solidifying this highly valued strategic affiliation.

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